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One of my favourite things about this balm is that when applied to inflamed, excoriated eczema, it seemed to soothe it and reduce the itch straight away.

FreeFrom Skincare

A wonderful apothecary in a pot, this anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and even anti-histamine potent but gentle balm is one of those keep-in-the-kitchen must haves. Great for small cuts and mosquito bites, it doubles up as a nourishing, anti-bacterial nail treatment, too. It's like a healing, Mediterranean herb garden in a jar - keep a pot of this on standby if you're a new parent to soothe away life's scrapes and stings.

The Beauty Shortlist

I brought this on Saturday to heal my sore nose, red from having a cold. This balm is amazing and the over the next few hours it calmed my skin, the next day the redness had gone, it's truly heaven in a jar. I will definitely be buying more


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