OMG We're in Vogue!!

Not only that we're in the 100th anniversary issue of Vogue. We were approached by them last month to appear in a feature called Raw Beauty for only completely natural beauty products. They found us on Twitter looking for new and fresh brands to promote. We were, and still are, and still will be, for a long time over the moon! The official keepsake issue went on sale today, so go and take a look :-) We've chosen our Green Healing Cream because we feel its the product that really got us going and got us noticed. Thank you to The Beauty Shortlist for their Editor's Choice Award this year.

We're also going to be appearing in 2 more issues of Vogue as well. Next month is their Ageless Beauty issue which will feature our Defy Ageing Smoothing Facial Balm. In August we're featuring our Green Healing Cream and No Bite Butter Bar as the travel must haves for holiday (remember they're fab for insect bites!)  in their Summer Beauty issue. 

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who supports us and has done so from Day 1. We feel really privileged to have such fantastic customers, friends and family looking out for us. Thank you xx

Coming soon to a bathroom near you.. look out for us, we're going to be taking over the world, one balm at a time! ;-)

Carmelina x

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