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Tickled pink by Little Fickle

"Well, why can't we develop a brand that's completely natural, good for your skin .... and luxury, instead of plying it with products full of c**p like this...". And that's when it all started for us. 

We use our own products daily, of course we love them and we want everyone to love them too. And we crave feedback because we're always looking to improve. 

When Sam asked to review our products, we didn't hesitate for a second. Completely unbiased critical review by a professional blogger? Of course.

It's one thing to find a group of people who love what you've created. It's a completely different thing to hand your baby over to someone who compares beauty brands for a living but as Sam says:

"Carmelina believes in the products that she's creating, and with good reason. I felt really lucky to get to talk to Carmelina, to get to be a part of the company that she's building and I honestly have to say that she's onto something special here and so I really enjoyed trying the products that she's so carefully created".

You can read the full article here :

We're also really excited to be part of an upcoming Beauty Blogger event on 30 April organised by Little Fickle. Check out her blog for more information.

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