Decadent & Luxurious....

These are the words used by our latest blogger & customer who recently reviewed a trio of our Body Polishes.

When I formulated the recipes for the BodySpa collections I really wanted to make the scrubs a bit different to what was already out on the market. I know there are tons of body scrubs out there, some salt some sugar but I did my homework and made sure I only put in ingredients that would actually have a lasting effect on the skin. Of course you wash off a scrub but with Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Manuka Honey and Sugar you notice a real difference to your skin immediately. You don't need to even apply a moisturiser afterwards if you don't want to! For me though, the real difference was using raw ingredients such as Lemon & Orange Peel, Coarse Cut Ginger, Strawberry & Raspberry Seeds, Dark Chocolate and Arabica Coffee. The smell transports you whilst the ingredients work their magic on your skin. 

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