About The Balm Boutique

“a fragrant cream or liquid used to heal or soothe the skin”

In a previous life I was a lawyer and law lecturer for 18 years and then decided I wanted a change of pace. In that time I became a mother of two. Having small children to look after makes you change your perspective of so much including what we use on our kid's skins. I was fed up of seeing my little girl suffer at night not being able to sleep when she had a bad cold and cough. So I started researching natural remedies. I happened upon an idea for a natural vaporising balm that would help her sleep and ease her coughing fits. I produced this with only a few wholly natural ingredients and found that it really helped her. After that I was encouraged to try other products that I regularly bought in the supermarket such as nappy cream. I developed my own nappy balm without zinc oxide. I had researched the zinc oxide was not advisable for babies under six months old. I did not want to use anything that wasn’t entirely natural. I used arrowroot powder, kaolin and bentonite clays as substitutes. They produces the same effect for me. The balm was very soothing, healing and softening and she has peachy cheeks now!

Following on from these products, I thought about us mums! We never really seem to have the time to look after ourselves in the same way we could before we had our kids. Whilst we adore our children, we are also still the same people and it would be lovely to pamper ourselves every so often. So I decided to make products that could be used quickly (being the operative word - as a mum you’re always working at super speed!) but would make us feel a bit pampered. So I developed a range of body scrubs and complementary super moisturising body butter bars (no more overly messy hands and fingernails).

From there, I attended several skincare courses learning about carrier oils, butters and essential oils which are the mainstay of all my products. They are all anhydrous, meaning without water. I intentionally wanted to produce balms because I knew how amazing all the oils were that I was using but also, to introduce water would mean to require a preservative to prolong the shelf life beyond a few days. I was not comfortable using any preservative that was not entirely natural. As all my products are oil based there is no need for an actual preservative but I do include Vitamin E and Rosemary antioxidant which are naturally excellent at extending the shelf life of oil based products. As all my balms are freshly made, they will last for 6 months if stored correctly (away from direct sunlight and in a cool place).

My range of products have now grown to include a dedicated nipple balm (for nursing mothers), a stretch mark and cellulite balm, healing balm, bruising and muscle rub, foot balm, hand & nail balm and dry skin balm. I have both a beard balm and after shave balm for the men and an anti-ageing range for dry to mature skins consisting of facial serum, facial balm and eye balm. All the oils used in the facial products are delicate, thin oils making them perfect for the facial area and allowing them to absorb beautifully and gently into the skin.

I had always loved lip balms. Call it an addiction of sorts. Now, I understand though that some brands use ingredients which overly dry out your lips so you have to keep reapplying regularly. This is not good for your skin because it smothers it not moisturises it.   I wanted to produce my own lip balms that contained only the good stuff but I wanted to make them glossy as well as super moisturising. So I came up with a recipe which gives your a lips a luscious glossy look which is great with or without lipstick. And best of all, its not the kind of gloss that is sticky or tacky on your lips. I even went a step further and thought about tinting my own lip gloss. Of course there are tons of tinted balms out there but the colouring used is not entirely natural. I have used black cocoa butter to give my chocolate (using real chocolate!!) lip balm an autumnal tint and beetroot and alkanet root (infused in sweet almond oil) to give the strawberry lip balm a rosy tint.

I love what I am doing now. I can’t remember the last time I bought any skincare products. If I run out of something, I just make my own. I’m working on a cleanser,  facial scrub and active face masks at the moment.

The Balm Boutique is truly a labour of love and something I am really proud of.

All my products have been safety assessed and I have Cosmetic Product Safety Reports for all of them. I am aware of the Cosmetic Products Safety Regulations 2013 and am in full compliance. That’s the legal background coming into play! I am also fully insured.