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Ingredients Glossary

Alkanet Root has fantastic pigmentation qualities and is used  in our butter bars and tinted lip balms. We macerate the root in sweet almond oil.

Aloe Butter is Aloe Vera extract combined with Coconut Oil. It is anti - inflammatory and soothing helping to restore the skin’s barrier and  moisturise the skin.

Apricot Kernel is rich in essential fatty acids and is an excellent emollient penetrating the skin easily without leaving a greasy feel.

Arabica Coffee can help to mitigate the appearance of cellulite in the short term. As a stimulant, the caffeine in coffee dilates blood vessels, which temporarily tones and tightens tissue. Plus it increases circulation and reduces water retention, both of which may also help smooth the rumpled look of cellulite.

Arnica is infused in sunflower seed oil. Arnica has traditionally been used for the reduction of inflammation and soothing of muscle aches. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities that can be beneficial in reducing reduce swelling and soreness so helps with muscle aches, injured muscles, sprains, bruising and inflammation.

Arctic Oat is used for its soothing and calming properties and is perfect for  sensitive and dry skin.

Argan is renowned for its anti-ageing properties due to its high levels of Vitamin E and 80% content of essential fatty acids. It is easily absorbed into the skin making it an extremely nourishing oil.

Avocado Butter is a luscious, creamy and nourishing butter. It is vitamin and mineral rich making it a wonderful moisturiser.

Baobab is rich in the essential fatty acids. Being also vitamin rich it has excellent rejuvenating and anti inflammatory properties whilst intensively, soothing and softening dry skin.

Beeswax is the mainstay of all our products. Chosen specifically for its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties it is a truly essential ingredient. It is protective for the skin aiding in retention of moisture. It is a natural humectant (draws water in) which helps to keep skin hydrated over time. It is also Vitamin A rich which supports cells turnover and regeneration.

Black Cocoa Butter is cocoa butter at its most natural which is why its chocolatey in colour. It  is obtained from the selection and classification of natural cocoa beans, without the addition or removal of any components.

Black Cumin Seed is a ‘wonder’ oil,  vitamin and mineral rich, which as a natural emollient which has powerful moisture locking abilities making it an excellent for skin recovery and repair. Traditionally used to combat signs of ageing, indigestion and treating allergies, it's no wonder that black cumin oil has been described as "miraculous" on top of healing. Acting as both a natural antihistamine, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial makes it excellent for allergic reactions.

Borage Seed or Starflower is extremely rich in GLA (gamma linolenic acid which is an essential fatty acid) also known as Vitamin F. It can help skin elasticity and is therefore useful for dry and mature skins.

Calendula otherwise known as the Marigold flower has long been used for its beneficial healing properties. It is high in antioxidants and has been known to have anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory effects. Our maceration in coconut oil combines wonderful skin softening and regeneration at the same time. Calendula works well with Comfrey to aid damaged and irritated skin.

Camelina or sometimes known as ‘Gold of Pleasure’ is a fabulous for fighting fine lines and wrinkles. It has extremely high level of Omega 3 fatty acids. It also has high levels of  Vitamin E making it a powerful antioxidant. Can improve skin’s elasticity and gives skin a beautiful glow. Because it is a dry oil and easily absorbed into the skin it is used in our facial products.

Castor is an underrated oil but has so many marvellous qualities. It softens and soothes dry, damaged skin and provides a protective barrier for the skin. Because it is high in fats, it takes a long time to be absorbed so we use in our lip balms. Not only for the protection but because it adds a glossiness to the balm.

Cera Bellina is a wonderful, natural derivative of beeswax. Its beautiful to use in products as it imparts a smooth, silky feeling on the skin, making for not only a long-lasting and stable product, but one that is soft and luxurious for the skin.

Chia Seed is a beautifully soft oil easily absorbed into the skin leaving a silky soft skin feeling to your skin. It has a high Omega 3 content making it effective for soothing fine wrinkles and improving the skin’s elasticity. We blend it with Camelina and Rosehip to aid in skin rejuvenation.

Chickweed is macerated in sunflower seed oil and is regularly used for its anti-itch qualities. Its effective for soothing and calming irritated skin.

Chocolate is not only the wonderful sweet treat most of us crave, chocolate (cocoa) is chocked full of antioxidants that assist in the repair of skin cells. We use organic 73% Peruvian dark chocolate which gives a rich, smooth, sensual aroma to our products.

Cocoa Butter is a wonderful natural emollient moisturiser which is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It is fantastic for dealing with dry and chapped skin. It promotes skin elasticity, lock in vital moisture and can protect the skin from the elements.

Coconut Butter & Virgin Coconut Oil are great at hydrating the skin. It sinks in deep, conditions, moisturises, and softens skin. The combination of its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-bacterial and hydrating properties make it a wonderful addition to a rejuvenating skin regimes.

Comfrey has been used for the healing of wounds, the reduction of inflammation, soothing of skin conditions and even healing of broken bones! That’s how it got the nickname ‘Knit Bone’. Other ailments which can be addressed with Comfrey are muscle aches, sprains, bruises, burns and inflammation. Comfrey has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities that can be beneficial in reducing swelling and pain.

Crambe Seed or sometimes known as Abyssinian oil is a beautifully light lubricating oil which provides moisture without clogging the pores. It is a wonderful natural alternative to silicone. It has a unique skin feel leaving the skin soft and luxurious and giving it a healthy glow.

Ecosilk is a vegetable based emollient made from sugar and coconut. It is a natural emollient and because of its amazing skin care properties we use it in many of our products. It is a gorgeous natural alternative to silicone and gives your skin a lustrous glow and a soft velvety feel.

Fragonia essential oil is a spicy citrus oil giving an uplifting feeling and has similar properties to tea tree but without the medicinal overtones.

Frankincense essential oil is a stunning calming, rejuvenating and balancing oil very popular in anti-ageing formulations. It has a spicy, woody undertone.

Geranium essential oil is very popular in facial treatments especially for mature or dry skin due to its renowned regenerative properties.

Green Tea Wax is naturally derived wax which has natural anti-oxidant properties.

Hazelnut has proved to be very effective in tightening the skin, acting as a superb toner for the skin. It also aids in the regeneration of cells and is wonderful to use on the face as it gives a immediate softening effect.

Helichrysum essential oil or sometimes known as Immortelle is a precious oil having numerous benefits. When used in massage it can help with muscle aches, joint aches and pains. In skincare it is thought it can help relieve and heal acne and scars as well as having anti-ageing properties.

Jojoba Wax is a naturally derived wax packed with beneficial fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Jojoba wax is so similar to human skin oil it has been suggested that applying jojoba to the skin can trick the skin into thinking it is producing enough oil, thus balancing oil production.

Lavender essential oil is the one of the most popular essential oils and for good reason. It has marvellous skin soothing, calming and relaxing properties combined with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic benefits makes it an obvious addition to  many of our balms.

Limeseed is rich in fatty acids providing moisture to the skin and improved barrier function which is why it is such an important ingredient in our lip balms. It also leaves a beautiful lustrous sheen on the lips.

Manuka Honey is widely known for its health benefits when consumed but what effect does it have on the skin?  It has natural antibacterial and anti fungal properties. It is also a potent anti-inflammatory, so soothes inflamed skin while healing blemishes. It also helps balance the skin’s pH and contains amino acids which slough away dead skin cells, helping to keep pores clear. It is also a natural humectant (like sugar), drawing moisture into the skin. This hydration helps to further enhance the skin’s elasticity and cell regeneration. This is why all our body polishes are made with Manuka Honey.

Marshmallow Root has traditionally been used to relive itching and is perfectly partnered with Chickweed in our SOS Dry Skin balm to ease dry and chafed skin.

Meadowfoam Seed contains over 98% long-chain fatty acids, which means it has an amazing moisturising and rejuvenating action on the skin. We include it in all our lip balms for this reason. The oil has natural ultraviolet protection which further protects skin from the elements.

Mullein is a known wrinkle fighter due to the high levels of tannins in it. Combined with pumpkin seed it has fantastic lifting and toning properties.

Myrrh essential oil is a spicy and woody oil known for its wonderful healing ability for dry and dehydrated skin.

Neroli essential oil also known as orange blossom is often used in facial applications because of its versatile therapeutic properties. It has a wonderful relaxing effect on the body and mind and has known rejuvenating and regenerative effects on the skin.

Nutmeg essential oil is a warm spicy oil. Its invigorating and stimulating nature has known anti-inflammatory effects on the skin.

Papaya Seed is rich in Omega 6 and 9 essential fatty acids, vitamins A and C and Potassium. It has nourishing, moisturising and water-retaining properties.  With its high levels of oleic acid, up to 74%, its very similar to that of olive oil.

Parsley is very helpful in reducing any accumulation of toxins in the joints and in muscles, reducing swelling, increases elasticity in tissues and encourages regeneration of smooth muscle. Parsley seems to have a tonic effect on blood vessels, supporting and shrinking broken blood vessels, thereby reducing the discolouration of bruising.

Plai essential oil has warming ginger undertones and is a natural analgesic. It is regarded as one of the best oils for treating aches, pains and inflammations.

Plum Kernel is a wonderful sensuous oil with a luscious almond undertone. It is rich in Vitamin A, E, oleic acid, linoleic acid and anti-oxidants. It is particularly  beneficial for dry and mature skin so we have added it to our Smoothing Facial Balm as a key ingredient. Its emollient properties bring nourishment and hydration to your skin.

Prickly Pear has high levels of linoleic acid, an omega 6 essential fatty acid which helps to soothe and refresh the skin. It is rich in Vitamin E which gives it wonderful protective quality. Regular use of this oil can keep the skin elastic, smooth and firm and also give a natural luminescence.

Pumpkin Seed is wonderfully rich in Vitamins A & E, Zinc and Omega 3,

6 and 9 fatty acids. Its firming and lifting effects make it an obvious addition to our Skin Smoother, Smoothing Facial Balm and Softening Eye Balm.

Raw Cane Sugar is a natural humectant meaning it draws moisture into the skin. It is a natural source of glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that penetrates the skin encouraging cell turnover and generating fresher skin. It makes a wonderful topical exfoliant for getting rid of dead surface skin cells which is why we use it as our main ingredient in our Body Polishes. Sugar granules are generally gentler than salt, which can cause microscopic tears in the skin. Because of sugar's natural humectant properties, these polishes are more hydrating than salt based polishes, which can strip the skin of its natural oils leaving it feeling tight and dry.

Rice Bran oil is a light and effective emollient rich in Vitamin B, E and squalene which is quickly absorbed leaving the skin soft and smooth.It is well known for its considerable nourishing properties and is excellent for dry, sensitive skin and newly created skin such as baby skin.

Red Raspberry Seed is very high in Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and Vitamins A and E making it a rich antioxidant and invaluable for skin repair and conditioning. It offers some sun protection so it is an obvious addition to our Smoothing Facial Balm.

Rosehip is known as a potent anti-ageing ingredient due to its rich anti-oxidant and fatty acid composition. It is particularly rich in Vitamin A which assists with cell regeneration. This results in firmer, smoother skin with greater tone and elasticity. Its excellent for dry, rough, dull skin and has reputed wrinkle fighting effects making it a key ingredient in our Defy Ageing range.

Rosemary Extract is packed with natural preserving antioxidants. Its inclusion in our products is two fold. As a powerful antioxidant this extract helps to preserve products, but also acts as a natural and effective skin treatment for mature or dry skin helping to firm and tone.

Rosewood essential oil is often used in facial applications for its skin rejuvenation properties. It has excellent cell stimulation and tissue regeneration properties making it a valuable ingredient in mature skin products.

Safflower oil or sometimes referred to as Thistle oil is a  valuable source of omega 6 & 3 essential fatty acids and is particularly high in Omega 6 making it an excellent skin rejuvenator. It is especially suited for dry skin that is in need of moisture. The rich linoleic and oleic acid content helps to give an instant smooth feel to the skin.

Sandalwood essential oil is a exotic, sensuous, musky oil that is often used in many masculine skincare products. It is particularly effective at rehydrating dry skin and also has an astringent effect so tones the skin and makes it firmer.

Sea Buckthorn is a powerhouse of anti ageing vitamins and minerals. It contains over 20 vitamins and is one of the richest natural sources of Vitamin A. It also contains Vitamin E, Vitamin D, vitamin K1 as well as Magnesium, Calcium, and Zinc. It promotes the healing of skin and moisturises and soothes and conditions dry, ageing, malnourished skin.

Shea Butter is widely known for its intensive moisturising and lavish skin softening results which is why we use it in many of our super nourishing balms. Its reported skincare benefits are extensive ranging from soothing dry itchy skin, protecting sun exposed skin, moisturising skin conditions, easing stretch marks, soothing inflamed skin, softening wrinkles and healing dry cracked skin.

Sweet Almond is a fabulous revitalising and nourishing oil which is easily absorbed into the skin. It is a firm favourite of aromatherapists due to its high levels of vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E. It is well known for calming irritated skin and is especially suited to dry and sensitive skin. Its regenerating properties also help to improve the elasticity of the skin, without leaving it feeling greasy or irritated. This oil helps to repair and maintain the skin's natural barrier, protecting it from harsh outside conditions such as sun exposure or winter chapping.

Sweet Basil essential oil is effective against insect bites and has repellant quality.

Sweet Birch has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties.

Tea Tree essential oil is an excellent antiseptic and antibacterial oil.

Tamanu is an intensive skin healer for damaged skin. It has unique capacity to promote the formation of new tissue, accelerating wound healing and tissue regeneration.Tamanu has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibiotic and antioxidant properties making it effective at reducing scarring and stretch marks.

Vanilla essential oil is beautiful comforting fragrant oil. It is rich in anti-oxidants and can ease inflammation.

Vanilla Seeds from Madagascar gives warming comforting and gentle exfoliating properties to our Berry Body Polish.

Walnut easily absorbed by the skin. A regenerative skin oil that is excellent for mature skin/especially good for general regeneration of the skin, which makes it perfect for anti-wrinkle blends and blends for mature and over-40s skin//Emollient and anti inflammatory properties make this oil a popular ingredient in calming, soothing, moisturising and restorative skin care products.

Watermelon Seed Oil is quickly absorbed and incredibly nutritious leaving the skin soft, silky and well conditioned. Rich in omega 6 and 9 fatty acids making it ideal for mature skin care. It is easily and quickly absorbed by skin making it is an excellent oil for the addition to our facial balm.


Wheatgerm is naturally rich in Vitamin E and other tocopherols which, when combined with its high content of Omega 6 Essential Fatty acids, makes it an excellent emollient protecting and restoring the skin's natural barrier.

White Poppy Seed is a natural emollient that improves skin softness whilst also improving firmness and elasticity particularly for rough skin. It is excellent for dry and dehydrated skin eliminating flakiness and tightness whilst soothing any irritation and improving flexibility.

Vitamin E is a popular skin care ingredient, since it is said to have anti-oxidant qualities that fight free radicals. Your body uses it to prevent skin damage caused by ageing and the harsh outside elements such as UV radiation, and cold. Including it in your beauty regime promotes skin rejuvenation, elasticity and health helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is also a natural preservative, and we add it to perishable oils to prolong shelf life.